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P1101 P0299 P0420 fix your car from running like crap kit

P1101 P0299 P0420 fix your car from running like crap kit

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P1101 P0299 P0420 fix your car from running like crap kit

I get a lot of calls and messages diagnosing cars that run like crap. A lot of times a simple tune up can fix things but then when we dig deeper we find that most of the cars on the road are neglected and in need of repair. If you car has over 30,000 miles on it you probably will need this kit to get your car running good again. The reason for this kit is as follows. I wanted to make diagnosing and repairing your car easy. Most people do not even know where to start when they have a code pop up in the ECM. If you have a single code only I added links at the bottom of this listing for those single codes. But if your car has a few things happening like poor performance, bad gas mileage and a bunch of engine codes popping up in your ECM then you need this kit. The kit is comprised of the usual failed engine parts that cause the car to run like crap. This kit will have everything you need to fix your air fuel ratio problems, poor performance problems, and hesitation problems. Any car that goes to a mechanic shop for diagnosis will get most of these parts installed during the diagnostics of your car being in the shop. Is it possible for something else to be wrong with your car? The answer is yes. 9 times out of 10 simple things cause big problems on cars. If I was to diagnose 100 cars 95 of them could be put back on the road after installing this kit. The other 5 may need further diagnosis due to possibly having a bad head gasket, bad timing chain, or even bad piston rings etc. If the community wants a bigger kit that can be used to perform a full engine overhaul I will be coming out with that as well. 

The P1101 P0299 P0420 fix your car from running like crap kit comes with the following:

  • Air filter
  • OEM sized replacement turbo with gaskets
  • Turbocharger lines 
  • Catch can assembly with quick release holder cup
  • PCV fix V3 kit
  • Ignition coil
  • Spark plugs
  • Oil Cooler 
  • Oil filter
  • Oil filter screen

 NOTE: The oil cooler is included in this kit because it is located behind the turbocharger. Since this oil cooler is known for leaking and mixing oil into the antifreeze you should change it while you are swapping the turbo. This is also why I added the turbo oil and coolant lines into the kit. Why not replace them when you replace the turbo. 

NOTE: The catch can has options for being customized. When you order this kit you can reach out and let us know what you may like on the canister top. I typically put the carbon style with Super Cruzes on them if nothing is chosen. 

NOTE: The OEM sized turbo may come in gun metal grey or silver. I like changing colors sometimes because I customize a lot of parts. 


If you would like to have extended warranty coverage for your turbo charger here is a link to my warranty options. Just add it to the cart when you purchase this kit.


P0299 only: If you have 1 code and it is a P0299 then most likely your wastegate has failed. Here is a link to my aftermarket upgraded wastegate.

P1101 only: If you have just a P1101 code the typical reason for that code to be active is a failed PCV system found on the 1.4 Ecotec engine. I have a PCV fix kit that is a complete redesign of the OEM PCV system. Here is a link that will fix it.


P1101 P0299 P0420 fix your car from running like crap kit


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