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Super Cruzes Turbo Warranty Options

Super Cruzes Turbo Warranty Options

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Warranty Options

Basic warranty  is only 30 days. 12 month warranty is available. 

$700 Extended 5 Year Warranty: I'm offering a 5 year unlimited mile warranty to  people who want to extend the warranty for a longer time. This will cover your turbo under unlimited miles of use within a 5 year period. 

$500 5 year 15,000 mile warranty: This will cover your turbo for 5 years but you have  a 15,000 mile cap on your warranty. I'm trying my best to help everyone have coverage and make things affordable. I also have to set rules for these warranty options since I will be taking on the burden of offering these types of services.  

$600 3 year unlimited mile warranty: This will be the same as the 3 year warranty but will have unlimited mile coverage. 

$250 3 year 10,000 mile warranty: Again this is an affordable version of the main warranty. It's cheaper and covers less miles but still adds protection to your purchase. 

$100 1 year unlimited mile warranty: This will cover your turbo under unlimited miles of use within a 1  year period. 

Warranty info: The warranty options  I'm offering allows me to keep your car running and help you keep your car on the road. I want to offer warranty options on all of my parts that I offer. I'm an honorable person who will always bend over backward for my clients. So I'm willing to do this for everyone. Now if a turbo has a problem I will need the turbo back so I can inspect the failure and figure out what happened. If the failure happened due to another part on your car going bad this would not be covered under the warranty however I will still fix your turbo at a largely discounted rate because you bought a warranty. In most cases if this happens I will just ask your you to cover the cost of what broke. These warranty options will be available as long as I have suppliers able to supply what I need. If  a part fails and there is a better option you will get the better upgraded part installed instead of an older outdated version.  And vise versa if the part has not been updated or I can only find a refurbished version then that will be installed and tested at the time of repair. 

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