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1.4 CRUZE Sonic Trax turbo upgrades 2010 and up

1.4 CRUZE Sonic Trax turbo upgrades 2010 and up

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1.4 CRUZE Sonic Trax turbo upgrades 2010 and up

NOTE: I designed 4 turbos for the 1.4 LUV engine found in the Cruze, Sonic, Trax, Encore, and Vanderhall. They fit many more cars I added a fitment chart at the bottom of this listing.  These turbos all make power on a stock car with a stock tune, stock injectors, and stock valve springs. They also have the ability to be used on a tuned car with stock injectors, and stock valve springs. You can increase the boost on these turbos with supporting mods to push the boost and horsepower even higher. 

 Below is a link to the extended warranty options for turbos. That way if you wanted extra coverage it is available.

Lifetime Warranty information

Normal Warranty options 


OEM Sized Turbo -  Silver Turbo - 100-160HP

I decided to come out with a new turbo that is a great replacement for a bad OEM turbo. OEM sized turbos may be silver or gunmetal grey. If I have the time I can also color the turbo in a custom color for you.  When you order the OEM sized turbo or the Black Widow big turbo you will get the same options with both. The studs, nuts, wastegates, gaskets and lines will be the same but the turbo will be different between the options. 

Black Widow Turbo Stage 1 - 50MM  - Black Turbo - 160-225HP

I hired a company to produce a turbo for me that can support 190-250 HP. I wanted the turbo to be affordable but strong and perform. This turbo features a billet 55mm wheel and stronger bearings designed to handle faster spooling. The turbo is designed to direct replace your OEM turbo without having to modify anything. The one pictured on the site has been bench flow tested at 150,000 and 200,000 RPM. It tested at 18-23 PSI. I recommend if your running any higher boost to change your valve springs to something stronger. The Black Widow turbo will create HP on a stock tune. But on a tuned car it will make a lot more HP than an OEM turbocharger.

Black Widow Turbo Stage 2 - 55MM - Larger Black Turbo -  200-270hp

This turbo is my favorite. It was my first design when I came out with gen 1 Cruze turbos a few years ago. The specifications I originally chose ended up being so heavy duty and aggressive I had to design another 50MM turbo so I could tone down the horsepower for people who did not want to go crazy with upgrades. Since I have been designing so many turbos I decided that 4 is enough because most people are not trying to win races on their 10+ year old car but just want to breathe life back into the car.

Black Widow Turbo Stage 3 - 60MM= Custom colors available - 250-335hp

This turbo is a heavy duty Garret turbo, it is designed for racing. 

The Vander-beast turbo is an amazing turbo with fast spooling and amazing power gains. But if your looking to go to the next level I spec'd this turbo out for my Vanderhall Customers who run the Cruze 1.4 in the car.  This turbo is a larger high performance version of a typical GM turbo. This version of the turbocharger is a powerful turbo featuring a 58MM+ high speed turbine with bigger high performance trust bearings and high flow oil passages for better cooling and lubrication. This turbo is a custom hybrid turbo with a custom housing machined to fit the massive impeller. It will fit in place of your existing turbo. In fact it will look almost like a stock part but perform like a turbo feeding a race engine (this is a description relative to how I feel when it's in a car. Everyone has different ways to describe feelings this is mine). This turbo will make power on a stock tune, aftermarket tune, and on a built engine. For maximum performance you will need upgraded valve springs, larger injectors, modified exhaust system ( I do not sell exhaust or emissions products) and a good intake system with an upgraded intercooler. I offer BNR injectors, AEM intakes, and Super Cruzes intercoolers to support this turbocharger. 

NOTE: The OEM springs may cause valve float over a certain boost level.

NOW I offer these kinds of upgrades to the community so I can keep support offered for CRUZE/Sonic owners. Buying the parts I offer allows me to produce more parts and keep the company running. Thank you for your support. 

NOTE: you will have to upgrade your injectors at a certain boost level. The OEM injectors are good only to a certain pulse width. So if your after more power the injectors will need to be larger. 


1.4 CRUZE Sonic Trax turbo upgrades 2010 and up 

Fitment chart

LUJ/LUV/A14NET engine:
2011-2016 Limited 1.4L Cruze
2011-2019 Chevy Sonic/Aveo
2015+ Chevy Trax
2015+ Buick Encore
2011+ Opel/Vauxhall Corsa (Turbo only)
2009+ Opel/Vauxhall Astra J (Turbo only)
2010+ Opel/Vauxhall Meriva B
2011+ Opel/Vauxhall Zafira Tourer 

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