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Vanderhall tunes

Vanderhall tunes

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Custom Vanderhall tune
I started working with BNR years ago to bring awesome parts to the community. Through this website you can order tunes for the 2019-2019 Venice, 2020+ Venice and the Carmel. When ordering just choose your model. Each tune will be custom written in compliance with the EPA laws and will be custom written to your application. If you have something custom don to your Vanderhall just write in the "want something custom box" during your order. Each tune I offer through this website also has my tech support added to the cost. This is to allow me the daily time to help each customer get tunes installed properly, diagnose cars/bikes if needed, and make sure the vehicle is running correctly with no issues. This I felt was very important. 
With over several years of GM 1.4 and 1.5T tuning experience, BNR is the proven choice for tuning your GM 1.5T powered Vanderhall. The BNR high performance powertrain re-calibration for the Vanderhall Venice/Laguna/Carmel delivers class leading power and an unmatched driving experience. The engine and transmission have both been completely re-calibrated from the ground up. Power feels linear and immediately responsive. The engine now delivers up to 23PSI of boost pressure from the turbocharger, working with completely redesigned timing and fueling tables, and unleashing over 60HP and 90TQ over the stock tune. The transmission no longer hunts for gears, or goes into too high of a gear at part throttle- while at the same time executing wide open throttle shifts 300% faster, firmer, and at the right RPM so the vehicle never falls out of the powerband. Premium fuel (91 octane or higher) is required for this tune.

An EFILive Autocal is REQUIRED to load the tune to the vehicle. If you need a new one, select that option. If you bought one used or already have an EFILive Autocal, choose that option.

Switching tunes is easy, and returning to the stock Vanderhall tunes can be done in mere minutes if desired.

  • Specific power increases of over to 60HP and 90TQ
  • Vastly improved/sporty throttle pedal feel
  • Turbocharger boost raised to 23psi
  • Transmission shift patterns completely recalibrated for improved experience and power delivery
  • Engine Operating Temperature lowered from 220*F to 195*F
  • Park/Neutral Rev Limiter Raised from 4000RPM to 6500RPM
  • Return to Stock Calibration at any time with the included handheld
  • All OEM Emissions and protection functionality retained
  • Completely Emissions compliant for readiness testing
  • Premium fuel required
In compliance with the EPA and the Clean Air Act, BNR does not disable any emissions related monitors or DTCs
Custom Vanderhall tune
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