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Vanderhall 1.5 Diverter BOV upgrade

Vanderhall 1.5 Diverter BOV upgrade

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Attention! I have now covered the Super Cruzes diverter under my life time warranty program. If you have a problem with the diverter you can send it into me for service/repair free of charge. 

This version of the diverter will be built for the Vanderhall. You have to let me know which version engine your Vanderhall has in it so I can build the diverter for you. 

 This diverter is built and tested by David from Dave's World. It was developed for the CRUZE community as an amazing upgrade for increasing boost and cool turbo noises on the CRUZE  Malibu and Equinox. It fits the 1.4 and the 1.5 GM engines. If you want one of these we can build you one for your turbo. It will work on a stock turbo or a big turbo. These help with better throttle response and holding higher boost numbers. They can be used for upwards of 70+ psi of boost. The OEM diverter cannot hold back the boost and leaks internally over 20psi. This was developed to fix this issue and sound awesome while doing it. The new diverter is designed to hold boost over 60+ PSI but keep in mind the average Vanderhall, CRUZE, Malibu, and Equinox is running 25psi and the average big turbo versions are running 30psi. So the Super Cruzes Diverter's are more then adequate for the job! 

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