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Piston update kit

Piston update kit

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Piston update kit 

What's in the kit: 

4 - 2019 style updated GM pistons

4 - Piston wrist pins / locks

12 - Piston rings

1 - Head gasket 

10- Head bolts

1 Intake manifold gasket

2 - Variable valve timing (VVT) solenoid gasket

1 - Outer valve cover gasket

1 - Inner valve cover gasket (around the coils)

1 - Vacuum pump gasket

Additional options include :

Timing chain with guides and tensioners

Turbocharger gaskets (Coming soon)

 This kit is designed to help people do a few things. For 1 if you have a 1.4 or a 1.5 liter engine with the old style pistons you have an issue where they could crack unexpectedly. Secondly, if you have a bad piston and need to fix your engine, this kit will give you about 90% of the needed parts to fix the car. I will be updating this kit as needed over the next few months with even more options but this should help people get their car back on the road. At the bottom of this listing I added the effected vehicles that could use this kit and what to look out for.  

Effected engines:

  • 2016.5-2017 CRUZE 1.4
  • 2016-2019 Malibu 1.5
  • 2016-2023 Vanderhall 1,5
  • 2016-2020 Equinox & Terrain 1.5  

Symptoms of this problem are as follows: 

  • Engine will vibrate
  • You will get codes p0300 p1101 and air fuel ratio codes pertaining to the catalytic converter
  • You can get smoke coming out of your tail pipe.

 Piston update kit

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