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Flex Fuel Kits for Equinox - CRUZE - Malibu

Flex Fuel Kits for Equinox - CRUZE - Malibu

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Dave's world is one of the first companies to figure out flex fuel on the Gen 2 CRUZE. I worked with BNR to help get tune options for that car as well. Since then I have worked on flex fuel kits that will fit the Equinox and the Malibu. Let me know what vehicle you have and I will build the kit accordingly. The loom colors may change. I can also do custom colors if requested and I can get the colors. 

I simplified the ordering for flex fuel kits. You tell me the car you have, what version you want and if your car is older or newer then a 2016. That's it. I know what to do if you tell me that information. 

More affordable kits are now available.

All kits come with the fuel disconnect tool.

Tuning is required for the ECM to turn on flex capabilities. 

Tuning is also available through Super Cruzes.

Some older model cars require fuel injectors to be upgraded.

If you would like a flex fuel tune for your vehicle here is a link to tune options.

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