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Equinox E88 ECM tunes

Equinox E88 ECM tunes

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2019 and up Malibu 6 speed auto and CVT versions


Optimize the performance of your Malibu with E88 ECM hardware. Experience improved acceleration, fuel efficiency, and overall engine performance. Trust in our advanced technology and expertise for a smoother ride.

Maximize your vehicle's performance with E88 ECM tunes. With improved horsepower, these tunes offer a significant boost in power and acceleration. Trust in our expertly designed software to deliver top-notch performance for your vehicle. Upgrade with confidence and take your driving experience to the next level.

I have 2 versions of tunes for Malibu owners with the E88 ECM. 

Street tune: This is for cars with mild modifications more so closer to stock with minor bolt-on upgrades like a BOV, wastegate, CAI, exhaust upgrades, but wanted a boost in power. Typical power gains with this tune are between +40-50TQ and 50-65HP. With this tune you get unlimited tune updates and C.A.R.B legal for all 50 states.

Performance tune: This is for cars that are modded and no where near "stock". If you have things like exhaust modifications, bigger turbo, more boost, upgraded intercooler system, methanol injection, bigger cams, ported engine parts and anything crazy when it comes to modifications. Typical power gains with these types of tunes depending on your mods can range from +40-350TQ and  +50-300HP. With this tune option you get unlimited tune updates and C.A.R.B. legal for all 50 states.

Please note you will need a laptop for this type of tune. If you do not have  a laptop I can provide you with your own for you to keep. They are nice units and fit into a glove box for storage. They will need to be charged every once and a while in your home but they do have internal batteries. I recommend if your loading up a tune to have the laptop plugged in to a power source while doing so. 

Please note you will have to send in your ECM so I can unlock it. Unfortunately with the E88 ECM it has some hardcore encryption from GM and needs to be unlocked before any tuning can be done. Once it is unlocked time I can make any changes with a simple upload of a file. 

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