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Equinox/Terrain catch can PCV fix kit.

Equinox/Terrain catch can PCV fix kit.

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I want to take a minute to explain who I am. My name is Dave and I am best known for my work on my YouTube channel, Dave's Word. My flagship website is, also known as This company is comprised of myself and my wife. Please be advised that everything on the Dave's Custom Parts / Super Cruzes website is custom made for each customer. Not every product can be shipped the next day. This does add time in fulfilling orders. We do not have parts in stock ready to be shipped next day. Please allow us time to assemble your order so we can properly provide you with your custom parts. Thank you.

This is a direct install product. I have developed several fixes for the CRUZE 1.4 liter engine. I took my designs and created a direct bolt in bracket system for the Equinox and the Terrain. This bracket system is designed to hold your catch can. When you want to remove the catch basin you can easily lift up out of the cup and it will release allowing for an easy draining of oil and moisture that is caught. You can choose almost anything you want added to the cans and I do not charge extra for custom styles. Every kit is built with catch can specific hoses that are oil resistant. Each kit will come with all clamps fittings and brackets needed to reroute the PCV system and fix the pressure and oil issues these 1.5 and 1,4 engines have from the factory.

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