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Equinox and Malibu TUNES

Equinox and Malibu TUNES

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to hese tunes are available for the 1.5 and 2.0 Equinox as well as the 1.5 and 2.0 Malibu. The tunes come with unlimited retunes as well as multiple custom options. Just message me after your order and we can set up your choices. I need your Vin number and mod list after you have ordered so I can set your tune up. Each tune comes with a comprehensive hand held tool that you can use for diagnosing, data logging nd transferring files in and out of your ECM/TCM You will have 3 different options for tunes. You need to choose which one you want so I know how to set up for tune. 

Options 1 is a tune file only. This is for a person who wants a file fixed that they already have. This is for a person who may have an HP tuners file that needs to be made or fixed.  I also include my tech support as part of the cost. 

Option 2 is the handheld tuner with a ECM unlock and the tune file. I also include my tech support as part of the cost.

Option 3 is if you already have a hand held that you bought used or had leftover from another car you used to own. This cost will be the handheld unlock fee and tune file cost. I also added my tech support into the cost. 

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