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Custom steering wheels with paddle shifters.

Custom steering wheels with paddle shifters.

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Not only did I come up with a kit to retrofit your cruze to have paddle shifters. I started refurbishing CRUZE/Sonic steering wheels and adding the paddles. I can only do so many things to the wheels but I think what I have come up with transforms the wheel into something very custom. I can do a lot of different colors and materials. This one pictured I did for a customer. The more I build the more samples I will post up over time. It will come pretty much with any color paddles almost any color trims. I try to offer only leather wrapped. But I can do rubber base style wheel as well. The kit will also some with the wiring kit as well. No tune is required for the transmission. For an extra cost I can do a suede style wheel as well. A basic wheel with the harness and paddles will be cheaper. I'm trying to do a kit for about $400-450 with a wheel and harness. I will be trying to get my kit prices down to the $300 range. 

Super CRUZES can keep the costs down by finding decent second hand steering wheels and building the kit off of them. The other option is buying brand new ones from GM. This is more expensive but the wheel will have zero use on it. Pictured here is another example of a custom wheel built for a customer. If you buy a wheel with paddles to save money I will not install extensions. If you want the version with extensions I added that as an option with the carbon. I also can build a wheel with extensions and paddles without carbon. 

Please note that these are custom made to each customers order. I can do a lot of different colors and options. More than I can list. Because I offer so many options I typically need time to make these for you. When you purchase I will reach out and go over custom options with you. I like being creative and offering anything you want. The more creative the more fun! 

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