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2016-2019 CRUZE Turbocharger 9 options available.

2016-2019 CRUZE Turbocharger 9 options available.

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2016-2019 CRUZE Turbocharger 9 options available. 

 All turbo charger options are VSR balanced before completion. 

I decided to revamp my turbocharger options. I would get a lot of questions because people are simply confused and do not know what to buy. Just so everyone knows a standard GM 1.4 engine makes about 100HP to the wheels. (If your lucky) So when you run your car on a dyno expect to make that type of power. Give or take 10+ or 10-. One thing I have always done with the every community is educate. While we do have people who lie about what their car can do real car people know this is true. That being said I simplified everything for everyone. Keep in mind when someone talks about a big turbo all of these are designed to be direct bolt in. No modifications need to be made on your car or the engine. This is a cruze not a WRX. I sell things that fit. Not things that need to be made to fit!

You do not have to change fuel injectors on the gen 1.4 to run any of these turbochargers. All turbo options have 2 versions. 1 version you send me your turbo to be upgraded, The other is I send you a turbo 

I recommend upgrading the wastegate and the diverter. These two upgrades will be stronger and help the turbo produce even more HP/boost over the OEM parts. 

Note: Larger turbochargers will require a tune. This is pretty standard on all engines when you install a bigger turbo or supercharger

SC-160 160-200HP Turbocharger: This turbocharger would be comparable to an OEM replacement but capable of extra HP over what the factory turbo can do. It will have everything replaced internally and come with a higher speed slightly larger billet impeller for faster spooling and produce a few extra HP over stock. It's perfect for a person who want's a little extra but does not want to make big modifications on their car. 

SC-200 200-250HP Turbocharger: This turbocharger is for a person who wants a good daily driver with an extra larger boost in power. You will need to be tuned in order to run this turbo. I mean considering the car typically makes only 100HP this is a huge boost in power over stock. 

SC-245 245-275HP Turbocharger: This turbocharger is for people who are after dyno numbers. When you start getting into this size turbo then you probably have power goals and budgets for power that you want to achieve. 

SC-275 275-315HP Turbocharger: This is the biggest turbocharger on the market. I have dyno proven all of these turbochargers over my career.  I know the ranges you will be in and the supporting mods you will need to make these power levels work. In fact a customer put his car on a dyno recently and made 278 HP to the wheels with this same turbo. I have 2 even larger turbos than this one!!!!!

SC-350 Custom Turbocharger: Now this is my favorite! This turbo can be spec'd out to what ever size you want. You can have an 11 blade 6+6 or a 9 blade turbo. When you choose this option we will have a conference and decide what one works best for your power goals. Each design will produce power in different RPM ranges so  I need to know what type of goal your after to size this one properly. 

This message is for people who do not understand how to make horse power out of a car. I put HP ranges on each turbo because every car is different and every dyno is different. You can't just slap a turbo on a car and expect to make double the HP. You need to add supporting modifications. Your HP numbers will not always be exact because of your location, supporting mods, tuner and dyno you are using. 

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