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2010-2016 CRUZE Cold air intake

2010-2016 CRUZE Cold air intake

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2010-2016 CRUZE Cold air intake

I decided to offer custom cold air intakes for people who own the Cruze, Sonic, Trax, and Encore. These are custom Tig welded units. You can choose your pipe color, elbow color, and filter color.  I recommend a tune to get the most power out of this intake.


This goes for all cold air intakes ever made!!!!

The test vehicle did not cause a check engine light at all. But just in case I like to let people know it is possible to set a code on your car. Here is an example.: If a car is low miles with nothing wrong, you can add this cold air intake and the car will be fine. You will enjoy turbo noises !!!! But if your car has a lot of worn parts you could run into an issue where you may get a Maf code because you have a failed PCV, or worn O2 sensor system and the extra air is throwing off your AFR. It's not the air intakes fault. Something is wrong with your car.  A tune can fix some of these issues if your car is tired or has worn parts. Keep this in mind.  But so far my other test vehicles have been fine. 


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