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CRUZE MALIBU Terrain Equinox Ported Intake and spacers

CRUZE MALIBU Terrain Equinox Ported Intake and spacers

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2016-2019 CRUZE MALIBU Ported Intake Manifold

These provide larger ports over stock intake manifolds. this allows more air flow to build even more HP out of your gen 2 CRUZE or Malibu. I can also add a fitting to allow using a boost and vacuum gauge. I am setting up an online store which is slowly being introduce into the website but for now you can email me for an order. 

The new ported spacers have been matched tot he ported opening on one of my ported intake manifolds. I sent one of my ported intake manifolds out to be scanned and had these spacers custom machined to fit the ported intake manifold They can now be purchased as a combo. If you already have the ported intake you can purchase the spacers by themselves. 

Please take note: On some of these cars/trucks a throttle body relearn or custom tunes may be needed to make the throttle body work properly.
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