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2016-2019 CRUZE intercooler upgrade

2016-2019 CRUZE intercooler upgrade

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2016-2019 CRUZE intercooler system. You can choose a few different options. I like to build custom products so the more crazy and wild you want to be the more fun it is for me to build! You can choose a lot of colors for this intercooler upgrade.  If you do not see an option here you want you can message me through my website 

All intercoolers come with boost sensors installed in the system for a simple plug and play install.

Budget Intercooler :The budget intercooler uses the medium core upgrade and an adapter to reuse the OEM charge pipe coming off the turbo. This system replaces everything from the factory charge pipe all the way up to the throttle body. 

Large Core Intercooler: The large intercooler meant for a stock turbo or an upgraded big turbo utilizes our large core. This system come with The upgraded charge pipe from the turbo charger to the Intercooler core and it replaces everything from the throttle body to the turbo charger.

Extra Large Extreme Intercooler: This version of my intercooler system uses an extreme sized core. This version of the intercooler system uses a heavy duty support that ties into the frame and you have to remove your crash bar. This system is meant to be used on a car that is set up for extreme uses. Something built for a car show where you want to show off a massive intercooler through your grille or you have a race car and need the extra cooling for track use. The system also replaces all piping from the turbo all the way up to the throttle body. 

 I can also build the extra large intercooler system with a MISHIMOTO intercooler core. This will cost extra for that version of the core. 


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