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2010-2024 Vanderhall Custom Wastegates Fix P0299

2010-2024 Vanderhall Custom Wastegates Fix P0299

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2010-2024 Vanderhall Custom Wastegates

The Super Cruzes wastegates come with a lifetime warranty and are maintenance free!

1.5 engines  Replace GM Genuine Parts 12679396  12679372  12679420

1.4 engines OEM Equivalent Part Number - 55565353, 8471446, 860156, 25198550, 25201063, 7815041, 7815042, 7815044, 7815045, 7815040001, 7815040002, 7815040004, 7815040005, 7815040006, 7815040007

Other wastegates on the market have variable internal springs, brass, and plastic. This makes adjusting a wastegate hard to keep accurate. Super Cruzes wastegates have a full metal design with double internal seals and high pressure non variable coil springs designed for accurate boost production.  

Many wastegates get weak over time and your car starts to feel sluggish. This is because your turbo is not making boost like it used too. The new upgraded wastegate will fix that problem. You can order the wastegate in any color combination you like with custom wording as well. All Super Cruzes / Dave's World wastegates come with a lifetime warranty. The preload is set for you. Simply remove your old wastegate and install mine. This wastegate is built for the 2010-2019 Vanderhall. When you order this wastegate I will personally build it for your cars boost and tune level. No tune is required and I will personally customize it myself. If there is an option you do not see please email

The 2010-2024 Vanderhall Custom Wastegate upgrade helps reduce & prevent turbo lag and fix the p0299 underboost code. It improves responsiveness and boosts power while ensuring efficient exhaust gases emission.


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