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2010-2016 CRUZE/Sonic intercooler system

2010-2016 CRUZE/Sonic intercooler system

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Attention I am revamping this section of my website. I came out with new designs for gen 1 Cruze intercooler systems. I have 3 new versions that are available. I made it so selecting each one is much more simpler. Read each description before ordering. 

This 2010-2016 CRUZE/Sonic intercooler system. It features the Super Cruzes Intercooler core, a high-class intercooler designed to maximize the performance of your vehicle. The custom design of the intercooler provides maximum cooling efficiency and superior air flow for optimal engine temperatures and consistent horsepower levels. This system is the perfect way to boost the performance of your vehicle.

This intercooler system was devolved by the cruze community for the cruze community.  I was asked when I was offering my gen 2 CRUZE intercooler systems to produce an intercooler that works on the 2010-2016 1.4 CRUZE. I used my dyno proven Super Cruzes core and went to work. I typically customize all intercooler systems. You have the option for a custom version or a simple silver and black accents. 

The 3 new intercooler options are as follows:

(Stock Car) Super Cruzes budget intercooler V2: This version of the intercooler is meant only for a stock car with no modifications at all. It is meant to be an upgraded over OEM type of system. If you plan on adding modifications to your car and plan on running more then OEM boost, I recommend the V3 intercooler system meant for modified cars. The budget intercooler upgrade is meant to replace the plastic crappy intercooler pips and thin crappy OEM intercooler core to something more heavy duty and reliable. 

(Modified car) Super Cruzes intercooler V3: This version is meant for cars that have modifications. If you are running your car above the OEM boost levels you want to at least have this intercooler system. It is designed for high pressure, more flow, and better cooling. I guess the best way to recommend this intercooler is this. If your car is running the following, upgraded tune, upgraded wastegate, upgraded diverter, bigger injectors, OEM sized upgraded turbo, Black Widow stage 1 turbo, or E85 this is the intercooler you should order. If you plan on going with a bigger turbo you should order the V4 intercooler system.

(Big turbo car) Super Cruzes Race Intercooler V4: This version of the intercooler has even higher pressure capability. More flow and more cooling ability over the V3 system. This version has a few slight differences then the V3 but I will build each system as needed for each customers build plans. Here is the best way to recommend this intercooler system. I wanted to make these selections much more simple. If you are running a Black Widow stage 2, Black Widow stage 3, BNR turbo Or ZZP turbo this is the intercooler system I would recommend.


You do not have to modify the car to install this intercooler. This version of the intercooler comes with all parts needed to complete the install but will be customized to your specs. 

All intercoolers require a 4-6 week build time. Non custom intercoolers can be built faster. 
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